Asbestos Awareness Week

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Asbestos has been widely used in the construction industry up until the 1980s and was even used within homes and other buildings up until 1999. The removal of asbestos has been an issue for the industry, as the material can start to break down and release the harmful particles into the atmosphere. A particular issue that has been discovered in recent years is that many public buildings, including schools and hospitals, have been found to still contain the harmful substance in them.

Not too long ago, it was suggested that approximately 80% of all council-run schools in Birmingham could contain asbestos. Therefore, a freedom of information request was made to Birmingham City Council, which revealed that 161 of the 192 council-run schools in the city have the potential to contain asbestos within there grounds, most specifically in the buildings. On a wider scale, it has been estimated that over one million school students are potentially exposed to the harmful fibres, as the material is in the stage of its life cycle that means it is starting to break down and release the harmful particles into the air.

As mentioned previously, there wasn’t just an issue with schools, but with hospitals as well. The BBC learned that nine out of 10 NHS trusts have hospitals containing asbestos, so it conducted an inquiry which asked 211 NHS trusts whether they ran services with hospitals that contain asbestos. Out of the 211 trusts that took part in the inquiry, it was found that 198 out of 211 trusts did actually run services with asbestos present in their buildings, which poses a risk to staff, patients, and the wider public that enter the buildings.

Even today, exposure to asbestos continues to be the number one cause of work-related deaths in the world. It is approximated that 90,000 people around the planet die every year from asbestos-related illnesses ( With this, asbestos was banned over a period of 29 years, between 1970 and 1999. Despite this ban, the shocking research conducted for this article thanks to asbestos awareness week has resulted in the realisation of just how widespread the use has, and continues to be. By placing services and products to aid in the discovery and removal of asbestos, The Contamination Expo Series aims to put these issues to bed.

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