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The aim of Walk to Work Day is to get more people to save on their carbon footprint to benefit the environment, and to see if a slower start to the day may actually lead to a more positive working day for themselves and for their place of work.

Concentrating more on the environmental side, there are clear benefits of walking to work. Far more energy is needed to drive a car to work rather than walking, releasing harmful pollutants into the environment. With this, the type of fuel your car uses will also impact the number of pollutants being released into the environment, with diesel being more polluting than petrol. Ever since Dieselgate back in 2015, the public’s relationship with diesel cars has taken a massive hit. This has actually benefited the environment, as diesel cars have become less popular, with electric cars becoming increasingly popular in the gap diesel cars have created.

The Contamination Expo Series is co-located with Future Resource and RWM at the NEC Birmingham on the 11th and 12th of September. This is important to know as a ticket for one of the shows allow you to access the other two shows as well. Future Resource has a zone devoted to environmentally friendly vehicles and ancillary products. If you want to see a collection of the finest environmentally friendly vehicles and products available, then register yourself for a free ticket by following this link.

As a result of the poor air quality around the country, City Hall in London has identified air pollution to be a big enough issue to take immediate action. They are carrying out what is being called the most comprehensive study of London air quality ever undertaken. Due to their expertise in the field, King’s College London awarded the engineering of purpose-built air quality equipment to Dyson, which will test the air quality in certain spots in the city. The study has equipped five London schools with Dyson’s cutting edge, mobile sensor technology, where they will be given to school children to carry on their daily commute to school and then back home again. The aim of the test is to see how much pollution school children are exposing themselves to by walking to school in inner-city locations every day. This research is especially important in the current age, as it has been said that the global air pollution of cities is shortening children’s lives by 20 months.

Due to Government promises to improve air quality and the number of pollutants released into the atmosphere, companies around the country have a corporate social responsibility to contribute to environmental developments for their stakeholders, including the local population and area immediately surrounding their work. By walking to work rather than driving, the population will ironically experience how polluted the air is on the way to their work, which will hopefully shock them into reducing the number of times they drive when they could actually walk.

As you can see with the Dyson trial with King’s College and City Hall, big organisations are starting to see the necessity for cleaner air in our towns and cities across the UK. If you are a business that provides air quality testing equipment, or air quality improvement technologies then you must exhibit at the Contamination Expo Series in the Clean Air Technology Expo. The Clean Air Technology Expo is the UK’s largest event designed to showcase the latest technology, cost-effective services, and engineered solutions that further the prevention, detection and management of airborne pollutants.

If you would like to be a part of the Contamination Series Expo, please get in contact with Danny Rogers at daniel.rogers@prysmgroup.co.uk or call 01179 902005.