Environmentally friendly exhibition stands

Given the fact that it was not, and still isn’t, uncommon for brands to make unique, one off stands for the exhibitions they attend, the question of event waste was inevitably going to become a topic of discussion. As such, working within the waste, recycling, and sustainability sector, being able to confidently meet your corporate social responsibility in all aspects of your business is essential. 

This year at RWM, Clip UK have partnered up to become a preferred supplier for all stand building requirements. Gone are the years of single use exhibition stands, as Clip UK are able to create bespoke and eye catching stands that can be reused for multiple events. With RWM being a behemoth event within the recycling and waste management industry, this is an incredible opportunity for everyone involved with the event to take further steps to negate their carbon footprint. 

This partnership is another feather in the cap for RWM as it continues to strive to be as carbon neutral as possible for its two day duration on September 11th and 12th. With Clip UK offering their market leading designs, and Forest Carbon providing the chance for exhibiting companies to have a named tree in the branded RWM forest, the event is starting to create a community of companies dedicated to making the event as well rounded and beneficial as possible for all parties. 

RWM will take over the NEC in September with a number of bespoke, unique, and sustainable designs from Clip UK. This will be an unprecedented evolution in the exhibition industry, but one that is utterly essential to mitigate the massive carbon footprint left by organisers and exhibitors. RWM is proud to work with Clip UK in promoting sustainable exhibits, that will undoubtedly make RWM look even more spectacular upon opening its doors. 

To find more out about Clip UK, be sure to visit their website here or contact Garry Clulow on 0117 937 2636 or email garry.clulow@clipuk.com

If you would like free tickets to the event, you can visit the RWM website right here. For all exhibiting inquiries please get in touch with event director Nick Woore on 0117 929 6083 or at nick.woore@prysmgroup.co.uk