CL:AIRE is a respected independent not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 which works with its Members to raise awareness and pursue shared objectives in land, water and environmental management. This is achieved by collecting strategic industry information and developing industry initiatives that improve efficiency and save money.

CL:AIRE leads a national programme of technical and core-skills training initiatives that are guided by industry requirements, and produced in collaboration with key stakeholders and specialists.

CL:AIRE’s purpose is summarised in 3 core work strands:-
1. Improving efficiency & standards;
2. Sharing knowledge; and
3. Supporting its Members.

CL:AIRE was created with the backing of the UK government to provide a sustainable alternative to disposing of waste in landfill sites. In effect, this enables soil to be “recycled” for use on its original site, instead of having to be removed and deposited in landfill sites.

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