Adam Hobson


Hydrogeologist and Applications Development Manager Adam Hobson is with In-Situ, a world-leading manufacturer of innovative environmental monitoring equipment and remote data collection and data management solutions. Adam is based in the United States and has over 20 years of experience addressing water and environmental issues throughout the world. He specializes in the design, planning, and implementation of hydrologic and environmental investigations and feasibility studies, site characterizations, hydrologic monitoring, aquifer testing and analysis, and project management.

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Remote Data Monitoring and Management for Environmental and Remediation Applications

When most environmental and remediation professionals think of telemetry, they think complicated, expensive, and unnecessary. However, recent advances in wireless data collection and data management services have changed the game. Remote monitoring and data management is now easier and cheaper and can improve data quality while facilitating rapid decision making and reducing project costs. Learn about the latest data collection and management technologies and how they’re relevant to your applications.