Christina Lundbäck


Christina Lundbäck is the founder and CMO of SurfCleaner – the unique startup that has developed a patented technology to efficiently clean up oil spills and litter from the water surfaces. Today, SurfCleaner is surely a hot topic in the sustainability world, and the company recently won the Nordic Cleantech Open, leaving 115 other cleantech companies behind!
Christina has a M.Sc. degree and has extensive experience in business development and sales for growth in both large companies and smaller startups. Christina is also board member of Cascade Drives and CorePower Ocean.

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A unique, mobile technology for cleaning pollution from water surfaces

Oil spills in refineries, harbors, and the oceans from accidents and other causes are major pollution threats. Today, most solutions doesn’t have the capability to collect petrol and diesel before they evaporate into the air. Our unique technology is a solid contribution towards managing the global water surface pollution problem. It is a well-proven, energy efficient system that simultaneously collects and separates pollutants from water surfaces.


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