Colin Green

QROS Limited

Colin Green is the Managing Director and chief scientist of the QROS company and is a qualified chemist with over 20 years’ experience in contaminated land analysis, both in traditional fixed base laboratories and as the developer of many on site analytical techniques. He has managed several high tech companies involved in the development of rapid analysis equipment, and provides advice and consultancy regarding chemical analysis and chemistry relating to contaminated land projects.

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Rapid and Accurate Identification of coal tar in road binder

Roads built before 1990 often used binder that contained coal tar, an absolute hazardous material. During road or utilities repairs, excavated road surface material must be correctly classified as hazardous or non hazardous before removal and disposal. Fast and accurate identification and quantification of coal tar in binder is therefore essential for waste classification of excavated road construction materials to minimise delays to traffic. This seminar discusses the options.