Der-Liang Yung BSc, MSc(hons), PhD

Engineers make exceptional business associates and Der-Liang is no exception. Having visited and travelled to upwards of 50 countries, engaged in various speaking forums (conferences, TED talks, science education fairs and the valedictorian speech at his recent graduation), he provides frank and honest answers to the matters at hand.
Now he plies his traits working with distributors around the world, building relationships, signing deals and making sales on behalf of LDI as a Sales Engineer

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Beyond the Oil Sector: The Evolution of Oil Spill Monitoring

Think oil spill monitoring and your mind probably starts thinking of applications in the Oil & Gas Sector: terminals, extraction fields, refineries, tank farms etc. But the fact is hydrocarbon products are used across a multitude of industries, water is the most common medium, and pollution is all-around bad news. Early detection prevents bigger disasters and higher costs. So, think again.


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