Dr Dan Jones

Advanced Invasives

Awards: PhD, MSc, BSc, GCIEEM

Dan Jones is the Managing Director of Advanced Invasives and is also an Honorary Researcher at Swansea University, with over ten years’ experience across the ecological sector. He founded Advanced Invasives to bring evidence-led thinking to the forefront of the commercial management of invasive plant species and is one the UK’s leading authorities on the strategic control of Japanese knotweed and the ecological dynamics and mechanisms of non-native plant invasion.

Dan leads the development of Advanced Invasives in-house best practice for the management of Japanese knotweed across large infrastructure and heads up our novel research into herbicide effectiveness and sustainable use. He is our chief expert witness, in addition to being a sought after speaker on Japanese knotweed ecology.

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Japanese knotweed; Ecology, Impacts, Management, Mitigation

In this seminar, we will take a look at perhaps the best-known invasive plant species in the UK - Japanese knotweed. An overview of invasive knotweed ecology and biology will deliver better understanding of the species and help to clarify the unique set of ecological, socioeconomic and management challenges that knotweed poses to a range of sectors, not least environmental remediation. Unique case studies will be used to explore the biological, legislative and practical constraints surrounding the knotweed challenge within the sector, and workable solutions provided.


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