Dr Simon Houghton

Bardon Environmental ltd

Initially trained as a Geologist, Simon has worked in Geological Research, the Oil Industry and the Water Industry and from 1990 has accrued 29 years within the asbestos industry covering all aspects of asbestos analysis, monitoring, removal, remediation and training. Since 2005, Simon has worked for Bardon Environmental Ltd with a group role as Consultancy, Auditing and Training Manager. Since 2018 he was promoted to Technical and Compliance Director and set up a Waste Transfer Station specifically for the handling and storage of asbestos waste. Simon has gained wide experience of asbestos usage in UK train carriages and has advised the rail Industry in consultation with the Environment Agency about End of Life vehicle disposal.

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From Magic mineral to Prohibition: UK’s partnership with Commonwealth asbestos

The UK has had a historical privileged access to Commonwealth mined asbestos fibre – especially amphibole asbestos. Maximum imports occurred prior the first effective waste legislation introduced in 1974. The first legislation controlling work on UK asbestos was the licensing of the more hazardous activities in 1983. The legacy of this industrial usage and the late legislative controls is witnessed by the UK having the highest reported mesothelioma death rate.


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