Dr. Uri Stoin

Alpha Cleantec AG

Uri Stoin has a PhD. in Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He served as researcher and lecturer in the area of general, organic and analytic chemistry at Jerusalem College of Engineering and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Stoin is a co-inventor of seventeen patents and several trade secret technologies in the area of environmental chemistry and green process and author of seven articles on the same field. During the years, Dr. Stoin served as chief chemist and member of advisory board in Swiss and Israeli companies and provided consultant services in the area of optimization of chemical process and scale up, advanced oxidation process, green chemistry and environmental technologies. Today Dr. Stoin serving as VP R&D in Alpha Cleantec AG. Switzerland

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Superoxide as a green reagent for soil and water treatment

The contamination of soil and water by organic chemicals remains a significant worldwide problem, even after decades of research. We developed a process for efficient, rapid and economical superoxide preparation and applying as strong oxidizing agent, under NTP conditions. Under these conditions, superoxide radicals reveal properties of a super oxidizing agent which rapidly reacts with a wide range of soil and water pollutants on concertation up to 100,000 ppm.