Elliott Chewins

Neothane Inc.

Elliott Chewins is the owner and founder of Neothane Inc. and has over 20 years of experience as a HazMat Technician, as well as an acting District Chief / Captain with the City of Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service. In response to the severe deficit in adequate tools and techniques for use in spills and breeches, Elliott has worked towards finding safer, quicker methods of response, that also reduce the amount of exposure to the hazardous product faced by the first responders worldwide.

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A New Perspective on Hazardous Materials Spills and Response

This seminar will focus on changing the response time, method and effects of hazardous materials spills, thereby, reducing the environmental impact. Often, responders can’t get to a spill until most of the product has been lost. Abatement of the spill then requires time consuming and rudimentary methods. That product has then, already leeched into the environment. We need to change response protocols, thereby reducing the effect and costs of hazardous material spills.


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