Elliott Corke


Elliott Corke became a commercial drone operator in 2012 and holds one of the earliest Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permissions for drone use. With a background in marine biology, he initially focused on the environmental and archaeological uses of drones before moving into training throughout 2013. Alongside Jonathan Carter, Elliott is a director of DroneTraining.co.uk. As a CAA-approved full NQE, DroneTraining.co.uk focuses on developing pilot skills to allow them to obtain their permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority. Elliott is also a founding member of ARPAS-UK and has participated at various levels in public dialogue on drones to assist the development of UK drone legislation.

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Droning on! Using drones for environmental monitoring, mapping and modelling.

The use of drones in environmental mapping and monitoring is growing rapidly. In this seminar we will explore use cases for environmental monitoring as well as discussing current UK drone legislation, drone equipment and training. If we have time we will look at future trends and how equipment and legislation will change over the next few years.