Hazel Davidson

Derwentside Environmental Testing Services (DETS)

Hazel Davidson joined DETS in 2012, but has worked in the environmental testing industry for over 30 years, initially as an analyst, but then in a series of managerial roles. Special projects included the integration of several laboratory acquisitions, relocation of the laboratories to new premises, a Phare project in Bulgaria and Romania (implementing quality systems), and a UN project involving training for Iraqi environmental scientists in Jordan.
Hazel has participated on several industry committees – EIC (chair of Labs Group), MCERTS, SCA, BMTA, BSi, the CIRIA asbestos PSG, and SOBRA. She also sat on the EIC subgroup for asbestos.
Hazel is a frequent speaker at conferences, and runs several seminars each year for DETS, as well as providing general technical support both internally for staff and externally for clients.

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Optimising Laboratory Testing – the best value for money

There are several areas of laboratory testing whereby site staff are not always aware of best practice or the most efficient use of differing tests in the laboratory, and several issues crop up frequently. These include incorrect sampling or storage, not specifying if water samples should be filtered or unfiltered, selecting an inappropriate form of TPH testing, confusion over the meaning of ‘total’ as applied to the inclusion or exclusion of sediment in water, and total as applied to total metals or speciated metals, and which is the most appropriate form of nitrogen compounds, and finally, whether total or water soluble sulphate is the better option.


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