Jack Shore


Jack is the District Manager for REGENESIS in the UK and Nordic Countries. He provides remediation strategies, costing and technical support to environmental consultants, remediation contractors, regulators and problem-holders. Jack has over 10 years of experience within the remediation industry and most recently has successfully implemented the first in-situ treatment of a PFAS plume in Europe, using colloidal activated carbon.

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Colloidal Activated Carbon Innovation: spill response, remediation and pollution prevention

There is an increasing use of colloidal activated carbon to remediate organic contaminants in situ. Previously confined to low concentrations, a recent innovation in combining sorption with syntrophic biological degradation has allowed this exciting
approach to target high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons allowing use in oil spill, fuel retail and even preventative
applications. This presentation will cover theory, laboratory and field data from sites in the US and UK.


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