James A Parker


James has spent the last 8 years as the Olympus UK Analytical Instruments Specialist responsible for the Sales and Support of the Olympus XRF and XRD range of analysers. Olympus provides an industry-leading portfolio of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Analysers for a range of applications in mineral exploration, underground and open cut mining, mineral processing, commercial and on-site laboratories and for environmental remediation projects. Our focus on long term partnerships in the minerals industry, field experience and emphasis on best practice, ensures we enable our customers to achieve fit-for-purpose, decision-quality data. Our revolutionary Vanta significantly advances handheld XRF technology via its key features of Ruggedness, Connectivity, Stability and Precision.

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Rapid hazardous classification of heavy metals in waste solids/liquids

Using the latest in portable X-Ray Fluorescence technology, hazardous heavy metal classification can be done in seconds with laboratory comparable data enabling real, on-site decision making. This seminar will give a brief overview of the pXRF analytical technique, sample preparation requirements and real-world examples of it’s use for hazardous waste classification on both soils and liquids.


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