Jamie Jeffs


Jamie Jeffs, Service and UK Sales Manager, is a Senior Manager within ENVEA responsible for global service and UK sales for the ENVEA range of Particulate and Flow monitoring instruments. Jamie has over 15 years’ experience supporting customers of data acquisition, scientific and industrial monitoring equipment and together with his team provide support and guidance to a wide range of industrial plant operators on compliance and process management.

An active member of the Stack Testing Association, Jamie works closely with Process Operators, Test Houses, Equipment Suppliers and Regulators to promote best practise in emissions monitoring throughout the UK.

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Industry 4.0 – Data Analytics for Environmental and Process Control

In this seminar, Jamie Jeffs, Service and UK Sales Manager at ENVEA will explore the emergence of Industry 4.0 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with specific focus on environmental and process control in combustion and manufacturing industries.

The seminar will demonstrate the benefits of ENVEA’s latest software development in managing particulate emissions whilst using advanced cloud based analytics to achieve cost and process efficiency for operators.