Jessila Mooneyan BEng MSc

ArcelorMittal Commercial UK Ltd

Jessila is Technical Manager of ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling, the leading sheet piling manufacturer and producer of world-renowned guidance such as the Piling Handbook. Jessila has a BEng in Civil Engineering from University of Birmingham and an MSc in Civil Engineering with Geotechnical Engineering from University of Portsmouth. She manages technical support for projects across the UK and Ireland; this includes all aspects of design, pile selection, installation advice, driving calculations, durability assessment, pile layout elaboration and driving plans.

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Safe Sustainable Steel Solutions for Flood Defences and Hydraulic Cut-Offs

The seminar will explore how steel sheet piles can provide innovative and sustainable solutions for a variety of flood defences, hydraulic cut-offs and containment systems. The design, installation and sealing of systems will be described; technical issues and practicalities will both be explored and illustrated with reference to codes, best practice and case study.


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