Jon Murthy


Jon Murthy has 13 years of experience in the proactive promotion of standards and accreditation to Government, Regulators, and the business community. Over this time UKAS has entered new markets such as environmental testing, renewable energy, health and social care, finance, and waste management. This has seen turnover increase from £13m to £30m with over 270 assessment staff, with the company now delivering nearly 30,000 assessment days per year.
Jon also plays an active role in the international accreditation network, which works towards the harmonisation of standards and accreditation practices, and chairs the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) involved in the promotion of inspection and laboratory testing. Recent work has focused on working in collaboration with Quality Infrastructure partners to develop closer relationships with organisations that can drive take up, and to capture and share the evidence that  shows the value of standards and accreditation.

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UKAS Accreditation: Delivering confidence in the management of contamination

Businesses rely on accurate testing, analysis and surveys in the protection of the environment and management of contamination. UKAS accreditation ensures that test results, surveys, and certificates can be relied upon in terms of technical competence and impartiality. It covers all areas from contaminated land, geotechnical, asbestos and legionella, to air and water quality, and is increasingly recognised by Regulators and required for public and private sector contracts.


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