Jon Owens

Provectus Remediation Ltd

Jon is a bioremediation specialist with 23 years’ experience in soil treatment and waste management. Jon managed the building and permitting of the first fixed hazardous soil treatment facility in the UK and has led the successful completion of a further seven hazardous soil treatment facilities nationwide. At Provectus, he has directed a number of projects where pre-treatment of surplus soils prior to disposal provided significant cost benefits to clients developing brownfield sites. At present, he leads the Provectus team in a strategic alliance with FCC Environment to operate a hazardous soil treatment facility in the Midlands. The treatment facility benefits from having the security of a 12 million tonne quarry void for the reuse of treated soils. The treatment facility operated by Provectus and FCC treats construction arisings contaminated with hydrocarbons on a dedicated biotreatment area and processes soils with asbestos in a dedicated asbestos building.

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Managing Surplus Construction Soils – Supporting Regeneration in the Midlands

The seminar will look at the options for managing surplus contaminated arisings from construction sites. It will review the suitability of pre-treating on site against the direct transfer of arisings to a dedicated treatment centre. The seminar will also explore the minefield of regulation surrounding soil disposal and reuse to ensure clients achieve compliance whilst maximising sustainability.


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