Jon Swain

SpillAway Project

Jon, as MD of SpillAway Projects, has over ten years’ experience of bioremediation as a solution for industrial contamination of hydrocarbons and Fats Oils and Greases (FOG). Working in land remediation, waste water industry, industrial cleaning, aviation and marine sectors primarily, Jon’s background in engineering gives him a good understanding of the challenges of the industrial workplace and how bioremediation can be adapted as a solution to contamination issues.

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A Responsible Approach to Industrial Contamination Issues

Whether by accident or operational expediency, contamination issues in industry are common. Our response to this contamination is often involuntary – pay someone else to remove it and deal with it – and can increase the environmental cost. Instead we should act responsibly by minimising the environmental cost using nature’s own solution, microbial bioremediation. The compelling results include cost savings as well as environmental savings.


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