Kyle Dumke

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kyle Dumke works as a Product Manager for handheld NIR and XRF analysers at Thermo Scientific. He holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Buffalo – State University of New York. Kyle began his career in pharmaceutical manufacturing quality control. In the last 5 years at Thermo Scientific, he has held various technical and applications roles for portable Raman, NIR, and XRF instruments in the pharmaceutical and hazardous materials sectors. In his position as product manager for the microPHAZIR AS asbestos analyser, Kyle travels globally from the US, Japan, Korea, Australia to Europe meeting with government health and environmental agencies, recycling centres, construction and abatement companies on challenges and current state of hazardous materials identification and management. He hopes to share some of his experiences at Hazardous Materials Expo 2019.

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On-site, Real-Time Screening for ACMs Using a Handheld NIR Analyser

To protect worker health and the environment, before any building renovation or demolition property developers, contractors, and construction companies must identified and properly abate any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). This seminar examines worldwide asbestos regulations, traditional ACM testing methodologies, and the newer technology of handheld near-infrared (NIR) analysers. It considers the science behind ACM screening methods and evaluates the benefits, limits, and best practices for portable, on-site asbestos screening using NIR.


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