Lisa Gautier

Matter of Trust

In 1998, Lisa Craig Gautier co-founded the ecological 501c3 public charity, Matter of Trust (MofT) with her husband Patrice Gautier, (VP at Apple Inc.). MofT simply concentrates on what we all DO want to see in the environment. Lisa has served as its pro-bono President since its inception. MofT programs include the Clean Wave Program (Hair Mats for Oil Spills), (Humanity Adding Solutions Network), (Online Inkind Platform Linking Surplus with Needs), and more. In 2016, she moved MofT into two purchased inspirational, work + exhibit spaces: a model factory and eco-industrial hub (Eco-Hub) and a model renter’s apartment with urban edible garden (Eco-Home). Lisa intentionally designs and implements empowering, inclusive, large-scale, replicable systems. For over 20 years, she has orchestrated enthusiastic in-house teams working on 15 current projects, partnerships on 5 fiscal sponsorships and has over 55 completed programs.

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You Shampoo Because Hair Collects Oil

Discover how a small non-profit in San Francisco is globally connecting oil spill clean up with barbers, stylists and pet groomers. Celebrating that energy, recycling and renewables are a positive part of all our lives, encourages the public to safely be part of the solution. Clippings are felted into mats that soak up petroleum. This encourages turning waste into resources, creates cottage textile industries and provides local green jobs.


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