Lisa Gautier

Matter of Trust

Lisa Craig Gautier founded the public charity Matter of Trust (MofT) in 1998. She concentrates on the positive and implements programs for a healthy environment. As president of MofT, Lisa leads teams dedicated to renewable resources, ecology and education. She has started a large-scale mobilization for recycling waste fibers (donated hair and fur clippings are felted into mats that soak up oil spills). Her Eco-Industrial Hub is a working model factory that also has fun exhibits about clean air, water, energy and sustainable materials. She recently opened an Eco-Home showcasing how urban renters can green their apartments and have enchanting, edible gardens. Lisa designs systems to be inclusive, convenient and replicable. She cultivates enthusiastic project ownership from staff, interns and volunteers. A big fan of trade skills, expertise and mastery, she encourages apprenticeships for youth. Through lectures and interviews, Lisa provides earth-friendly answers when people ask, "What can I do?"

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You Shampoo Because Hair Collects Oil

Fuel is a part of life and news of spills makes the public want to help. But that is a terrible idea. Our program lets humanity be a part of the solution without getting in the way of professionals. Thousands of salons and pet groomers donate clippings of hair and fur to our charity and we felt them into mats, waddles and booms for storm drains and pilot studies.


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