Paul Mahoney

Paul J Mahoney (Inspiring Safety) Ltd

Paul is an international speaker on complacency. He uses his personality to delivery a powerful message on complacency to achieve that safer workplace.
Safety is a dry subject and not always well received, by using real life examples in popular culture, Paul has find a way of delivering a powerful, yet light-hearted message.
Paul spent 4 years of a 14 year career in the paper industry recycling paper and is fully aware of the pitfalls of the waste industry and that potential contamination issues.

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Man v Machine Journey of Complacency

Man v Machine - Journey of Complacency tells the story of complacency of individual, team, organisation and industry alike. It is not the accident that is the focus, but the lead up to it.
The question throughout the session to hold on to is ‘What are we accepting?’

Paul Mahoney will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 21 - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: Man v Machine Journey of Complacency