Peter Atchison

Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) / PAGeoTechnical Ltd

Peter Atchison is the Chair of The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) Contaminated Land Working Group; which has transformed the regulatory landscape of contaminated and brownfield land management across the UK. As a consultant he specialised in contaminated land issues and now runs a company providing technical and commercial consultancy support in applications of specialised materials and services aimed at the sector. He is involved in both standards setting and advice to the legislative process through involvement in a number of standards committees.

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‘Prospects for the remediation sector in a turbulent political time’.

With politics more unstable than for many years, and housing remaining the focus of media and social concern, the remediation sector is vulnerable to knee-jerk regulation and policy change. Peter will set out how the sector can make a strong case for its role in delivering brownfield development that meets social and economic needs, and talk about the work of the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) in making this case.