Peter Dumble

Peter Dumble Hydrogeology / In-Situ

Peter Dumble is an independent hydrogeologist with a specialist interest in groundwater monitoring methodology and research. Since 1994 he has been involved with the delivery of a series of highly respected groundwater monitoring training courses in the UK and in the development of monitoring guidance for the Environment Agency and others. His practical experience of using instrumentation in the field extends from the UK and Ireland to Canada, the Middle East and West Africa. He was a co-founder, and for 20 years, the Managing Director of the market-leading groundwater equipment supplier, Waterra UK Limited, purchased in 2010 by In-Situ Inc. He writes a technical monthly blog on groundwater monitoring and related issues for In-Situ Europe at

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Sampling Groundwater Within a DNAPL Source Zone Area: Managing Uncertainty

Understanding the provenance of organic contaminants within a groundwater sample requires an appreciation of monitoring well design, well hydraulics, hydrogeological and contaminant transport influences. Within heterogeneous DNAPL source-zone areas the complexities in obtaining a “representative” sample multiply, even in short-screened wells. Our research advocates that the number of “screen volumes” purged prior to sampling may be a useful metric to consider when using low-flow sampling methods.


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