Professor Roger Willey

UK Asbestos Training Association

Highly regarded expert witness acting in over 600 cases in Senior Law Courts for the last 20 years.

The first personal professor at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Responsible for the development of significant research programmes into the detection and recognition of asbestos fibres, and into the effectiveness of respiratory protection against airborne asbestos. This work was published in International Research Journals and was presented at numerous International Conferences.

Lectured and worked in UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, India, Africa, Australia, Falkland Islands and Japan and Chile.

Over 40 years’ experience of asbestos research, consultancy and training and has been involved in over 100 000 different asbestos related contracts. Working closely with HSE in the development of training packages to introduce new concepts following the introduction of Regulation 4 in the Asbestos regulations 2002.

Roger has been involved in many of the important developments in the Asbestos Industry – from the early days before the Asbestos Licensing Regulations, up to today’s highly regulated frameworks.
Received the IOSH President’s Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his services to Health & Safety 2014.

September 2016 Roger received the prestigious silver medal award from the royal environmental health institute of Scotland.

An all-round good egg.

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Asbestos: Real risk, perceived risk and the cost of land remediation.

In the 21st century the UK has become the 1st major industrialised country to become de-industrialised. The legacy of our 1st Industrial Revolution means that many of the now disused sites are contaminated with asbestos.
To allow land to be recycled safely and at reasonable cost requires a good knowledge of REAL risk from asbestos.
This short presentation will consider perceived risk, real risk and the impact on some real life contract prices.


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