Raj Mahadevaiah, P.E., C.G.W.P

Environmental International Corporation

Mr. Raj Mahadevaiah is President of Environmental International Corporation headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, USA. He received his M.S. degree in Civil Engineering (Groundwater Emphasis) from the University of Oklahoma, USA and is a registered professional engineer in the USA. He is the inventor of the original NET technology for NAPL remediation and other patented and
patent-pending technologies for assessing and remediating oil spills on land and water. Over the past 35 years, Mr. Mahadevaiah has developed an indelible track record in successfully reducing the lifecycle costs of multimedia environmental projects at numerous sites in North America, The Caribbean, The Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and other locations. He has designed, implemented, operated, and maintained unique LNAPL and DNAPL remediation systems for petrochemical refineries, storage terminals, and pipelines facilities; legacy gasworks, wood-treating, landfill, and brownfield sites; and at electric utilities, industrial facilities, and military installations.

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Unique Remedial Approach Lowers Lifecycle Costs at NAPL Impacted Sites

Conventional technologies often lead to costly and perpetual NAPL remedial programs impeding progress at gasworks or other NAPL impacted sites. EIC has successfully applied its unique remedial approach to overcome such obstacles on a global scale. From LNAPL remediation at a bedrock site in the English Midlands to DNAPL remediation in the Kempton gravels within the London Burroughs, EIC’s approach has optimized NAPL recovery at
significantly lower lifecycle costs.

Raj Mahadevaiah, P.E., C.G.W.P will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 28 - Thursday 15.30 - 16.00: Unique Remedial Approach Lowers Lifecycle Costs at NAPL Impacted Sites


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