Richard Greenwood

Clean Air Technologies Centre of Excellence

Richard Greenwood is the CEO of clean air technology company Radic8 Ltd and Commercial Director of CATCE. Having a strong belief that everybody has the right to clean air, Richard has been working in the clean air technology space since 2012. In 2017, Radic8 partnered with INBair, a leading clean air technology company from South Korea. Over the past two years, the Radic8-INBair Group has released ground breaking clean air technology innovations. In tandem with long-term strategies and governmental policies to reduce the sources of air pollution, Richard is actively developing and promoting technologies to tackle air pollution today.

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Importance of technology advancements in the fight against air pollution

Introduction to the new Clean Air Technologies Centre of Excellence (CATCE), a novel, interdisciplinary structure, at University of Bolton. Integral to the creation of this initiative is the concept of establishing and strengthening the number of local, national and international business partnerships. CATCE, a partnership between the University of Bolton and Radic8, a Bolton based company and leading provider of clean air technologies.


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