Roland Leigh


Roland Leigh is the Technical Director of EarthSense. Roland was the founder of EarthSense as a spin-out company from the University of Leicester in 2016. Prior to spinning out, Roland managed a number of areas of air quality technology research including novel satellite instruments, airborne mappers and mobile monitors. Coupled with hardware developments were enhancements in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in urban air quality modelling covered in a number of widely-available peer-reviewed publications. Roland is now focussed on the application of such research-enabled technologies to operational air quality management systems, and development of new services to sectors including intelligent transport systems, smart cities and digital health.

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New Technologies: from Mobile Sensing to National Forecasts.

Technologies to deliver air quality insight are evolving rapidly to meet challenges of increasing awareness of the harmful impacts of common pollutants on human health. This seminar will review some of the applications of EarthSense technology to areas including waste disposal, hybrid HGV optimisation, logistics routing and public pollution avoidance. These technologies span from small portable sensors to understand point exposure to national models offering 100m resolution 3-day hourly forecasts.


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