Simon Field


Simon is 3M UK’s Senior Application Engineer for Asbestos, hearing conservation, protective eyewear, welding equipment, powered and supplier air solutions. With nearly 15 years of technical experience and a background in Physics Simon offers not only 3M but the Health & Safety industry a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Simon not only offers front-line technical support and training for workers and health & safety officers in on legislative obligations, industrial hazards and PPE, but he also works closely on product development with field trials and validation of customer needs.

Working as an Application Engineer, Simons work focus’ on making the UK’s workforce a healthier and safer one.

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Find Your Perfect Fit - From 282/28 to ING479

Simon’s Seminar will look at the importance of fit testing for those working with respirable hazards. In-particular Simon will cover the changes in RPE Fit Testing Guidelines from 282/28 to ING479, discussing what has changed and what hasn’t and what you need to do to ensure you and your workers remain compliant and protected.

Simon Field will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 21 - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: Find You Perfect Fit - From 282/28 to ING479