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Stand: CT-D92

Who We Are: 

SoilFLO is the leading earthworks software utilized by Canada’s largest projects - we are now launching in the UK. 

Through the SoilFLO platform we eliminate the need for paper tickets, streamline back office procedures and ensure compliance throughout the entire earthworks process.

Developers, contractors and environmental teams are all using SoilFLO to better manage their projects and operate efficiently.


SoilFLO provides full chain-of-custody tracking for each truckload, with each license plate, site, volume, time and contact info being saved to the digital ticket. On-site users can even flag late trucks which notify management in real time that allow for loads to be rejected if desired.


A disconnect exists between your back office and on site teams.

Every month back office staff and external consultants reconcile the paperwork surrounding soil movement. This is required to ensure proper billing to third-party truckers, approved sign-offs for record of site condition, and fill tickets remaining.

When numbers don’t line up, hours are wasted spent chasing on-site supervisors and third-party contractors.

SoilFLO’s real-time tracking, log books, and instant messaging can significantly reduce month-end hours and conflict. Save time and money through accurate billing and automated reports.

Digital Tickets: 

It almost seems impossible, but most sites across use paper tickets to dispose of excess soil.

By managing projects sites with physical tickets, site supers spend time driving from fill and source sites. In the process tickets are lost, damaged, and misappropriated.

SoilFLO completely digitizes this process. Onsite staff enter loads into our mobile-field application. Each load is recorded with all the required documentation. Site supers can now effectively manage projects remotely, review each truck performance, and allocate tickets accurately.

Our Solutions: 

  • Liability mitigation for your CL;AIRE Material Management Plan
  • Live soil tracking data for clean and contaminated fill

  • Instant report of hauling logs and subcontractor invoices

  • Predictive hauling times for optimized foreman



1552 Bayview Avenue, Unit 2
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