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Contamination & Geotech Expo


The Contam Digital Spotlight was launched to bring you a series of free online informative sessions, based on the needs of the industry.

These interactive and educational online sessions will be hosted by industry leaders, to provide free support, advice and valuable information on the most pressing challenges facing the industry today.


Working towards a sustainable future for soil

► Streamed: Thursday 10th June 2021

As demand grows for economical and sustainable approaches to soil, creating sustainability for our future generations has never been a more important topic in the industry.
But is it possible to increase revenue and preserve our valuable natural resources at the same time?

This spotlight looks at the problems with soil, evaluating case studies and considering lessons learnt, to understand how we can work towards a more sustainable, profitable and innovative future.

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Wastewater Management and Treatment

► Streamed: Thursday 13th May 2021

In an increasingly water-scarce world, wastewater has become a resource that is just too valuable to throw away. However, in an industry faced with net-zero targets, emerging pollutants and stricter sampling protocol, which equipment, methodology and technologies should we be considering to minimise losses and ensure we are using wastewater sustainably.

This spotlight delves into the latest trends and challenges in the industry and look ahead at what's next for wastewater management and treatment.

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► Streamed: Thursday 18th February 2021

As we continue to face the repercussions of asbestos and work towards more sustainable ways of managing this material, the sector is also faced with tightening guidelines making many methods less suitable. 

In an industry where innovative techniques are urgently needed, this Spotlight will provide professionals working with, or around asbestos with a raft of valuable insight into the current challenges we face and solutions to overcome them. Join us to delve into the latest trends, hear from experts within the industry and look ahead at what's next for asbestos management and treatment.

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Contaminated Land Remediation

► Streamed: Thursday 21st January 2021

As we continue to uncover the critical role of land in climate stability, sustainability has become a new imperative in the land remediation field with important implications spanning the breadth of the sector.

Dealing with an industrial legacy of over 400,000 hectares of contaminated land, net-zero targets, and renewed pressure for urban regeneration drive increasing demand for economically sustainable brownfield remediation, as well as continuing innovation.

This spotlight will allow environmental, remediation, planning, and development professionals to learn about the latest trends and innovations in land remediation methods.

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How will the Digital Spotlights help you?

Give you free support, advice, and education on the most pressing challenges facing your organisation

Act as a buying guide
for solutions that can help your organisation
overcome these challenges 

Create a support network
of organisations
in similar positions 

Act as a forum where your organisations’ concerns can be voiced, listened to, and discussed by experts

We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to answer some questions and let us know what you expect from future Contam Spotlights.