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2022 Speakers

Contamination & Geotech Expo

Adam Scott

Adam Scott

Radiation Protection Adviser and Radioactive Waste Adviser, Aurora Health Physics Services Limited

After completing a BSc (Hons) in Physics, Adam was sponsored to complete the MSc in Radiation & Environmental Protection at the University of Surrey. After completing his MSc Adam started work at the Harwell Nuclear Licenced site. He was awarded his RPA certificate in 2015 and gained experience as RPA at Harwell for a variety of projects including decommissioning, land remediation, and waste processing.

Since joining Aurora Adam has provided RPA support across range of sectors including security, pharmaceuticals, research while continuing to work with clients in the nuclear sector. Adam has also gained experience with project management and has successfully led radiological remediation projects allowing previously contaminated sites to be redeveloped.

Adam has undertaken a range of projects involving radon gas including the use of passive and active monitoring systems and support to employers who have been subject to regulatory enforcement action with respect to radon gas.