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Colin Green

Colin Green

Managing Director, QROS Limited

Colin Green is a specialist in analytical chemistry, on site analysis methods and analytical data interpretation for contaminated land projects. Colin has a degree in chemistry and pharmacology and his early career was spent developing novel rapid medical diagnostic agents for the NHS. This work lead to the introduction of MIBG, a rapid diagnostic for phaeochromocytoma, which is still in use today.
After several years in sales and marketing for pharmaceutical and patient monitoring and a period developing rapid microbial testing, Colin moved into analytical chemistry. He developed several on site analysis systems, including using immunoassay technology for industrial pollutants and genetically modified organisms. He set up QROS in 2004 to develop portable rapid analytical techniques for industrial contaminants, and designed the award winning QED petroleum hydrocarbon analyser. Colin is also a consultant for interpretation of analytical data relating to contaminated land and chemistry/ toxicology of industrial contaminants.