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Eunan Kelly

Eunan Kelly

Head of Business Development for CD & ES Waste Recovery at CDE Global, CDE

Eunan Kelly is Head of Business Development for CDE Reco (a CDW sector focused unit with CDE). CDE are the industry leading wet processing manufacturer, providing washing and classification equipment globally across 5 sectors and 8 regions. 
Eunan brings a wealth of knowledge, with a career in the industry spanning over 15 years working on a broad portfolio of projects in the construction materials washing industry. Eunan specialises in construction & demolition waste processing across the UK & Ireland and Europe, with expertise in applications for recycled products and advising clients in creating commercially viable products from waste materials. 

CDE designed and installed a highly innovative wet processing recycling solution for New York company, Posillico Materials LLC. This is the first of its kind in North America, which effectively processes incoming contaminated soil to produce high-quality washed construction sand and aggregates, while simultaneously removing contaminate. For more information visit: www.cdeglobal.com/us/case-studies/posillico-materials-inc-new-york


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