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Graham Gould

Graham Gould

Chairman, Thermal Recycling

Graham Gould is executive Chairman of Thermal Recycling. He was a founding partner of a strategic consultancy where he spent twelve years advising senior management of major international businesses. He founded an asset management business which acquired and managed £200m of commercial and residential property assets. He is currently a partner in LGEC Capital Partners and has been a non-executive director of businesses in several different sectors.


Thermal Recycling has built in Wolverhampton, what is believed to be, the first plant in the world that converts asbestos ​into a completely new substance that is free of asbestos. Until now asbestos has been disposed of in landfill, this does not resolve the problem of asbestos as it simply leaves it for future generations to deal with. Through thermal recycling, we can now convert asbestos containing material into a new substance that is asbestos free. This end product is no more hazardous than the cement from which it is derived and has a variety of potential uses in construction. 


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