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Neil Stothert

Neil Stothert

Managing Director, RSK Raw

Neil graduated in geology and physics, works as an environmental consultant and is a Practitioner of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.  Twenty years ago he developed a risk ranking framework to efficiently compare and prioritise risks, including environmental and geotechnical, associated with a large number of properties across multiple locations that was successfully used on many projects including the large housing stock transfers.  Working for consultants Delft Environmental and Johnson Poole & Bloomer he provided environmental advice and contamination clean-up services to the transport sector, including rail and bus, which considerably reduced the environmental risk of the operators.  During his time leading RAW Group and RSK Raw there has been significant growth in the business, and he successfully managed the company through two MBOs and the acquisition by RSK Group.  RSK Raw responds to hundreds of pollution incidents each year, ranging from oil delivery to farm slurry.