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2022 Speakers

Contamination & Geotech Expo

Toby Gibbons

Toby Gibbons

Operations Director, RSK Environment Ltd

Toby has 18 years’ experience of working in the asbestos industry, covering all aspects of asbestos consultancy, management, analysis and abatement/remediation management. Within RSK, he is responsible for client and business development for the asbestos division in Coventry.
Toby has a wealth of direct asbestos management experience, including surveying, analysis and abatement of asbestos-containing materials, particularly for downstream oil and gas projects and including multiple sites in Central Asia and the Middle East. He has experience of working at operational NHS hospitals, schools, linear infrastructure, airports, manufacturing sites and other challenging environments including listed and heritage buildings and museum environments for local and national clients.
Toby has a proven record of asbestos consultancy, managing complex multi-site property portfolios, showing awareness of the demands of achieving compliance while minimising the impact on operations and ongoing site activities. He also has experience of providing awareness and site-specific training of clients’ employees, and the training of asbestos removal operatives. He held an asbestos removal supervisor licence for three years as a supervisory analyst.
He has been involved in delivering targeted solutions and presentations to a wide range of clients.
Toby has specialist skills in the following areas:
 issues arising from asbestos contamination in soil, including the implications of CAR-SOIL and CIRIA guidance.
 providing high level consultancy and assistance towards compliance on multi-use and multi-occupancy sites
 working in challenging and sensitive environments, including liaising with multiple stakeholders.