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Contamination & Geotech Expo



Sponsored by Neal Soils Limited

This year’s Contamination & Geotech Expo Keynote theatre brings together an unrivalled line-up of industry leading speakers from all aspects of land, water, and air contamination in a unique programme of diverse and thought-provoking sessions. Discover ground-breaking developments throughout the environmental industries, learn about the latest practices and legislation affecting the sector and gain insight into innovations advancing contamination detection, handling, removal, and management. With an increase in unpredictable environmental incidents and changing government policies, learn from the experts tackling the most pressing environmental issues.


Neal Soils

Hazardous Materials

This theatre focuses on innovative breakthroughs in the detection, management, testing & removal of hazardous materials for the protection of the environment. Learn from industry experts treating and managing asbestos, unexploded ordnance, and chemical spills through the development of ground-breaking solutions.

Clean Air & Wastewater

Sponsored by Matec SRL

The Clean Air & Wastewater theatre will explore the unique environmental challenges generated from emerging pollutants and stricter sampling protocols. Hear about the latest infrastructure projects and discover the innovations progressing the prevention, detection & management of airborne pollutants and water contaminants.


Matec SRL

Land Remediation & Geotech

Sponsored by In-Situ Europe

The content programme will explore the current challenges and successes in land remediation and geotech.  
Hear from expert speakers dealing with an industrial legacy of contaminated land, net zero targets and renewed pressure for urban regeneration. The latest advancements helping to enhance geotechnical engineering and further site investigation works will also be examined.